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My Japanese Homepage is very huge (more than 4,000 files, 40MB), and very famous among computer scientists and puzzle lovers in Japan. Total hit count from the opening(Aug/30/1995) exceeded 100,000,000.
What's New (14/Nov/2014)

Puzzle Generator Japan (New Site! -- My Job)

World Fastest Problem Generator

Automatic Puzzle Generator: Number Place(Sudoku)
generating 1 question in 0.05 seconds
Automatic Number Place (Sudoku) Problem Generator Version 2.0
makes you possible to create 17-clue problems!

You will be able to enjoy Number Place Problem Generator on Nintendo DS soon.
The product name is "MUGEN (infinity)" searched by Google.
Our problem generator engine is installed in this product!

Puzzle Generator

Number Place

Java Open Source Program

Creating problems yourself with this generator!

Automatic Number Place Generator V2.0.1 (Dec 21, 2007)

100 18-clue problems

20 clues problems

Let's Make Number Place -- Elementary course Moved

Press Conference on September 6 at Akihabara

Java and Puzzle World

I want to know the history and origin of each puzzle.
Who invented thepuzzles, when, where, etc.
Are there any useful homepages on the WWW?


Origami(Paper Folding)

How to fold (YouTube)
How to make Crane Base
How to make Crane

Origami Professor, University of Tsukuba

Japanese Culture Links

CDJapan(japanese music, japanese anime,... )
Karakuri Creation Group
Japan Toy Museum

my photo

my book
the Hidden Realities of
Computer Industry in Japan

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