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Java source codes usage policy

The number of my Java puzzle is increasing. Currently the following sources are available to public.

Sample code No.1 java source of Number Place (Sudoku)
Sample code No.2 java source of Number Area -- Japanese Only
Sample code No.3 java source of Flower Puzzle (packing puzzle) -- Japanese Only
Sample code No.4 java source of Slide Puzzle
Sample code No.5 java source of Number Line (Slither Link)
Sample code No.6 java source of Nonogram (Illust Logic) (This source is under confusion!)
Sample code No.7 java source of Cross Sums (Kakro)

I release these sources for free to popularize "Java + Puzzles" widely. As long as you stand to the following conditions, these sources are available for free. You are able to download and modify them, and to use them with your original problems on your web site.

  1. Don't use them for commercial purpose.
  2. Let me know that you are using my sources.
  3. Let me know the URL at where my sources are used.
  4. Add link to "Java and Puzzle World" (http://www.pro.or.jp/~fuji/java/ -- Japanese)
    or "Java and Puzzle World" (http://www.pro.or.jp/~fuji/java/index-eng.html -- English)
  5. Make your source codes open to public if you change my sources.

Commercial use will be separately negotiated.

I'm not trying to be difficult. These conditions are for keeping impudent fellows away.

Also, please keep in mind that I disclaim any responsibilities if these programs cause too much communication traffic load and line gets disconnected. And I assume not a few bugs in the codes. Please use these sources with this understanding.

Some people may not feel like using them with these conditions, but that is not my business.

If you are willing to make Java and puzzles more popular worldwide, go ahead and use my sources.

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