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Number Place

Number Place is a very simple puzzle. This Java version is quite helpful.

Place a number into each box so that each row across, each column down, and each small 3x3 square will contain each number 1 through 9.

I prepared some programs.(2008-02-21)

Nonogram is a very famous logic puzzle that originated in Japan. However, its popularity started in England and spread to Japan afterwards.

This puzzle is very well known in Japan now, there are more then 10 monthly magazines based on it.


I provide some programs to this site, PUZTIME.

These large-size Illust Logic puzzles are challenging!

Cross Sums

Cross sums is quite popular in Japan, the rules are very simple but the puzzle requires deep thought.

Place a digit into each box so that the sum of each of the consecutive boxes is equal to the inditcated number. (leftside of, or above the consecutive boxes)

PDF Problems and Answers (May 6, 1998)
I started to add How to solve(20/Sep/1997).

Sliding Piece Puzzle

The Sliding Piece Puzzle is quite popular, the rules are simple but it requires deep thought.

The object is to move the largest square out through the indicated slot (thick line outside the board).

There are about 50 problems, so you can kill 50 days.

Some problems have an answer page. Look at the bottom of each problem.

(23/Jan/1999) The trouble with the new Netscape 4.5 browser is fixed.

(05/Dec/1997) I have started to make a new type of puzzle which uses 2 L shaped pieces. (Look at the left image). This type is more difficult but more fun as well. Let's try!

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