Cross Sums (Kakro)

Cross Sums is very simple puzzle. Java version helps you much.

I made a JAVA version of Cross Sums. I think You can enjoy it very much. I am going to prepare as many problems as possible.

Rule and How to Play

How to Solve

I have many problems. You can enjoy them much.

I show you the difficulty by number form 1 to 10. 1 means quite easy and 10 means extra difficult.

I prepared Portable Document Format (PDF) files (problems and answers). You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing PDF files. If you don't have the Acrobat Reader you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Size LevelDateAnswer
No.20 10x10Level 21996/11/26
No.19 10x10Level 21996/11/26
No.18 10x10Level 11996/11/26
No.17 10x10Level 11996/11/26
No.16 10x10Level 21996/11/26
No.15 20x16Level 21996/11/26
No.14 20x16Level 51996/11/26
No.13 20x16Level 51996/11/26
No.12 20x16Level 41996/11/26
No.11 20x16Level 31996/11/26
No.10 16x12Level 41996/11/21
No.9 16x12Level 21996/11/21
No.8 16x12Level 31996/11/21
No.7 16x12Level 31996/11/21
No.6 16x12Level 21996/11/21
No.5 10x10Level 21996/11/21
No.4 10x10Level 31996/11/21
No.3 10x10Level 21996/11/21
No.2 10x10Level 31996/11/21
No.1 10x10Level 11996/11/21

Cross Sums Java souce program(main), Database access module Java souce program(DB) (include Japanese comments): written by Hirofumi Fujiwara.

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