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How to Play Nonogram


The clues are the numbers at the ends of rows and columns. Each number is the number of consecutive black squares. Two adjoining consecutive squares blocks are separated by more than one white squares.

Initial State

After selecting one of the provided problems, you will look the problem page as follows.

You see some buttons. Let's me introduce them quickly.

When you think that you finished the problem, push this button. If you forget any part or you take some mistake, red line will indicates the error parts.

Clear button.

When this checkbox is on, the drawing color turn to orange. When you are sure, off this checkbox and use black drawing color. But when you are in trial and error state, try color(orage) helps you much.

Clear only orange parts.

Choice for database. When you use datebase, you save the state of the way, and in the future you play the sequel of the way. You can also see how other people played.

When you move the mouse on the main board, one row of the left clues and one of the top clues turn to cyan. This show you which clue is active.

To draw squares

When checkbox is off, you push mouse button on a square, the square turn as follows.

--> --> --> --> ....

means black and other states (, ) mean white.

Use for white box (determined).

Use for unknown box (initial state).

To draw squares consecutively

You can draw multiple squares which are vertically or horizontally consecutive.

Push down mouse button and move (=drag) horizontally or vertically, the squares on which the mouse passed over turn to the same state of the first square. Please try this. This is very convinient function!

The program automatically decide the direction (vertical or horizontal). While you ara dragging, even if the mouse turn off the verical column or horizontal rows, this mechanism continues until you release the mouse button.


After used the clue (number), mark the number. I think this function helps you a lot.

Mouve the mouse on the number and push the mouse button, then the back of the number turns to gray. If you pushd the mouse again, the back turns to white (this means marking is off).

Marking means nothing when the program check your answer.

Try and Error mode

To aid to solve difficlut problems, I supported Try and Error mode.

Normally is off, and square changes as


Normally is on, and square changes as

Use and for special place (assumption).

To clear try color, push . Then orenge squares will disapear except the orange squares which are marked by x. and will disappear.


This is very powerful button. Clear all squares and clear all history (how did you played) which is recoreded inside the program.


Register username and password. This is necessary when you use database functions. After register your username and password, you can use database functions of any puzzles (not only Nonogram but also Cross Sums and others)

When you use database on this session, enter your username and password. Just after Registering, you need not enter your username nad password again.

Save your current sate on the database server, and all steps you did on the squares.

You can reload your data from the database server, and play as if you play without interruption. If the data is long, it takes a long time. (caution!)

You can see the steps of other players of the same problem. After selecting [Others], the dialog box appears and you'll see the list of players.
Select one of the them and push [OK]button and wait. After reloading the history data of other player, you see another dialog box. This is control panel which contorls how to show you the steps of other players.
[<<<] displays backword as quickly as possible.
[<<] displays backword one setp a second.
[<] displays backword one setp.
[>>] displays forword one setp.
[>>] displays forword one setp a second.
[>>>] displays forword as quickly as possible.

Sorry, not yet.


When you finished the problem, please pushed down Check button. The program check your answer quickly and show you the result.

Usually you will see the figure as right which show you the error with red lines.

After correcting the error, pushed down Check button again. If your answer if perfect, no red line appears.

You may see other page if your answer is correct.

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