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Slither Link (Number Line)

How to Play


  1. Connect dots with vertical / holizontal line and make one loop.
  2. Numbers define how many lines can be drawn around it.
  3. Lines cannot be crossed or branch off.
You are free to draw or not to draw lines around places without numbers. The goal of this puzzle is to make one big loop by connecting dots, so dots on the loop always connect two lines.

How to play

When you click a point between two dots once, a line appeares. When you click on the line, it will change to an "x" mark. And when you click on the "x" mark again, it returns to original blank state.

"x" is reminder to mark where you don't draw line. After you become better at this puzzle you may not need it.

[Clear] button
This button returns the puzzle to initial state. Be careful not to clear your work.

[Check] button
This button checks your answer and shows wrong part in red.
Pressing this button again returns the display to original black and white color.

Red number indicates that total line around a number is wrong.
Red edge (line) indicates it's crossed with other line or it's making the loop end.
Red loop indicates there are multiple loops. This error is checked when all other conditions are satisfied.

An html file may be displayed for correct answer to tell a message such as "Congratulations!".

[Hint] button
This button switches between normal mode and try mode. When in the try mode, lines and "x" marks are displayed in light green, and they will be cleared when you click the [Hint] button again. Also, pressing the [Clear] or [Check] button ends the try mode.

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