SUDOKU Book Review

Andrew Heron/Edmund James, 2005, Paperback,
JOHN WILEY & SONS,ISBN 0-470-01892-5,
$9.99US, £5.99UK,...

This book includes 240 puzzles, it's economic!
The cover of the book says Andrew Heron is Su Doku expert and puzzle compiler for national newspapers and Edmund James is Su Doku expert. So, I thought that Andrew must make excellent program to make Sudoku problem automatically and Edmund evaluated all the problems.
But problem quality is very poor. Why so poor? There are too many exposed cells (usually 28). This book is better than "Daily Mail Sudoku Book 1", but it's not good enought to enjoy. Problems are monotonous, using same techniques.

Daily Mail Sudoku Book 1
Hodder, August 2005, Paperback
ISBN 0-340-89817-8, Games & Puzzles £5.99

I found this book at a bookshop in Tokyo and bought it for evaluation. I was quite shocked because its quality was too bad. I couldn't imagine such a low level puzzle maker or program exist in the world. There are too many exposed cells (always 32), not synmetric. I recommend you not to buy this sudoku book.
Is this SUDOKU? -- NO, Never!

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