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Sudoku problems should be beautiful

New Problems
Let's solve better problems.
SUDOKU Book Review

  • Daily Mail Sudoku
How to craft Sudoku
You can learn how to make sudoku by hand. If you want to create Sudoku creater program, you can get a lots of information from the following articles.
Let's Make Sudoku! Elementary course. 28 exposed cells.
Let's Make Sudoku! vol.2 Intermediate course. 24 exposed cells. Updated on 1 Nov
Puzzle Country Japan
Japan is the country where puzzles are very popular. The level is very high and number is enormous.
Japan has already graduated from Sudoku and other various puzzles are now played. ( List of Nikoli puzzle types)
Sudoku playing size is 9x9 in a row, but there are many puzzles where the size can be changed freely, like crossword puzzle. Big sized puzzle, such as a size of one page of a newspaper and has a about 10,000 grids are is also enjoyed.
What is Nikoli
Sudoku in Japan
Exposed cells
Why hand made?
History in Japan
Solve without an Eraser
(Sudoku) is a registered trademark of NIKOLI Inc. in Japan.
(Real) Sudoku
NIKOLI Inc. named this puzzle "SUDOKU".
Sudoku Guide(Flash version)
Nikoli is the leading company about puzzles in Japan.
Puzzle Japan(Japan)
Puzzle Japan is a collaborative project by NIKOLI Inc., providing puzzle problems and other contents, and Time Intermedia Corporation, supporting this site technically with JAVA applet and etc.
Let's play Sudoku: Tutorial(Flash), Rules, Keys to solution, Sample problem, Beginner's problem
Puzzler Media(United Kingdum)
Famous Puzzle publisher.
It published Nikoli's SUDOKU.
Sudoku classics (Gurdian, United Kingdum)
the original Sudoku with puzzles hand-crafted by Nikoli.
Populariser of Sudoku. Computer made problems.
sudoku for The Daily Telegraph player(sudoku.org.uk)
SOLVING SUDOKU:it says "This is not a single document that looks at all aspects of solving the sudoku puzzle. Examples and blank sudoku worksheets are included." But this document is very poor level! I'm sure that the writer of this site is a poor SUDOKU puzzler.
a Su Doku every day, but it's property is poor.
Why the famous newspaper publishing company offering that kind of problem?
Daily SuDoku
Problem property is poor.
Sudoku Fun - A New Puzzle Every Day
Problem is acceptable, but user interface is bad.
SUDOKU(mouse breaker)
This is not SUDOKU because the problem is not symmetric.
Too many exposed cells, problems are easy and user interface of "Play Online" is poor.
Sudoku-san, your Sudoku Assistant
Too many exposed cells, problems are too easy and user interface is poor.
Enter your Sudoku puzzle and solve by computer.
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