Nonogram Solver

Nonogram Solver

How to Play

GUI of Nonogram Solver is alpha version. Nonogram Solver runs on machine, and input and output of this solver are both text. CGI get problem information and it send a problem to Nonogram Solver, and CGI receive the result from Nonogram Solver and GUI(Java applet) displays the result on your display.

Java GUI and this ocumentation (How to Play) are under construction. But, I think you can find how to use this applet to solve your problems.


Please push [Start] button.

Menu Bar

When the Java applet start, another window pops up.

There are sevral menus.

You input problem and The Solver solve it. So, this is cheat mode! (Initial mode is cheat mode)
make a problem. You draw and check it by Nonogram Solver.
You can play.
change size.


width: and height:

cell size (pixels).

[OK] button
If you push this button, the size will change.

[Cancel] button
disppear this Size window.


You can change size with [Size] menu.

Make a picture
You can draw black and white picture with your mouse. It's quite easy.

Check your picture
Push [Check] button.
If your picture have several solutions, red mark is displayed on the board.
If your picture have single sokution, green bar is displayed. This means your picture is OK as a nonogram problem.

Push [Redraw] button, then check mark or check color (green or red) will disappear and redraw the picture.

Push [Clear] button if you clear the board. When you resize the board, the board is always cleard.

...... to be continued .....

Nonogram Solver