the Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan Japanese


I've survived for almost 20 years in the computer industry in Japan. A lot of unreasonable events and issues that have happened around me are stored in my memory. I chose some appropriate episodes and wrote them down in my spare time, and I was hoping to publish a book about it when it became thick enough. Most of the publishers, however, gave me cold shoulders due to its semi-shocking content. I was disappointed, but one day, I happened to have had a chance to talk about my book project with a staff member of Gijutsu Hyoron Co., Ltd. . He had expressed the interest and was kind enough to glance at the draft content. This talk led this book to see the light of day.

I should say that almost all businesses have a considerable amount of foul plays, which are usually conducted behind the scene. There is no exception in "Computerdom". Despite this fact, the computer industry remains the star of a rapid growth. One example is when two companies have their design-conflict with each other, it usually ends up in an ugly situation within the companies in the industry. Another example is that the activities about computers sometimes seem to be inscrutable and complicated for ordinary people. The so-called "experts"in the computer industry are often respected for this reason. On the other hand, unethical computer companies which charge extravagant prices still exist.

This book unveils the inside of the computer industry. While I was writing this book, I was about to lose control of myself due to its content. The actual names are not used in this book. That's because the aim is not to attack individuals and specific companies. Beyond this principle, it was difficult for me to draw a line between explicitness and implicitness. I had to take conventional Japanese customs into consideration to avoid any troubles. No dispute is not the prime aim of this book, but too much dispute would be inconvenient. I'm sure some people might detest to see this book published. For myself, however, I'm rather happy to place myself away from these kinds of people.

I've witnessed so many ridiculous events and issues in the computer industry since I started writing this book while working as a computer engineer in research and development. Please note that I was made privy to or actually participated in the issues I have mentioned in this book. All of the accounts in this book were taken from my own recollection of the actual events. No one person can cover enough information to be able to collect and analyze the issues by himself/herself unless he/she is an insider. It's really unusual for a man like myself is able to disclose information like this. Therefore, this book should give impact and important message to various readers.

Of course, not all companies and individuals do the "crazy" things like I wrote about in this book. Most computer engineers are diligent and hard working people, but I should say the most capable ones are among the "endangered species". Regrettably, I should also say that the "Computerdom" has been wholly degraded, and the faculty of general engineers are also in a miserable situation. Should the industry situation be kept the way it is, the Southeast Asian nations will eventually overcome Japan in the not too distant future. I'd like everyone who uses computers to realize the actual situation behind the scenes of the computer industry which so far has not been known to public.

Copyright 1996, 1999 Hirofumi Fujiwara. Translated by M.N.
No reproduction or republication without written permission.

the Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan Japanese