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AuthorHirofumi Fujiwara
Date of
November 1995
Publication is stopped now.
Publisher Gijutsu Hyoron Co., Ltd.
Price1280 Yen
Size130mm x 188mm, 220 pages
ISBN4-7741-0211-3(Japanese original version.)

English Translation

the Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan

by Hirofumi Fujiwara

One of my friends is helpping to translate this Japanese book to English. I think that this translation will help you to understand Japanese Computer Industry.

I started to show you the translation from today(2/Feb/1998). It will take a long time to translate a book, please wait patiently.

If you have any questions or anything else, plese mail me (fuji : add '@fuji.gr.jp' after fuji).

No reproduction or republication without written permission.



1.1 Ugly Program
1.2 Programming Clinic
1.3 Quack doctors
1.4 Execution Speed
1.5 Ability to Understand

2.1 Where is Your Program?
2.2 A Flog in a Well
2.3 Willpower and Effort

3.1 Are You Sure to be Neat Yourself?
3.2 A Chain of Subcontracting
3.3 Keep Failures Away

4.1 Selling a Program by Weight
4.2 Worth of One Line
4.3 Relish While It's Fresh

5.2 Internet and Morals
5.3 Internet and Company Selection
5.4 Freeware
5.5 Intelligent Office

6.1 Unfruitful Academic Background
6.2 Make-Believe Higher Education
6.3 Copyright Violation
6.4 Years of Experience and The 35 Year Age Limit Theory
6.5 Structured Stagnant Software Industry
6.6 COBOL vs. Database

7.1 The Effectiveness of Tests [New]
7.2 Keep Programmer's Skill High
7.3 A Bad Programmer is a Killer

8.1 Secrecy
8.2 They charge for replacement of defective CPU
8.3 Tender System [New]

9.1 The Sigma Project
9.2 Kanji is "Made by the foreigner"
9.4 Are Books Trustworthy?