the Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan Japanese


In this book, I am going to explain the reality of the world of computer business to all the people of every fields, including employers of computer engineers and executives as well as computer engineers themselves, so that they can understand without any knowledge of computer engineering. Many of you have to think that computer industry or software industry is up-to-date industry, but the reality is disgusting. I will make a direct appeal to executives from computer engineers' side, and let you know how much it is disgusting.

I have been working for a long time as a computer engineer, but I never mean to stand for computer engineers. I want incapable engineers to retire as soon as possible for the happiness of all the people and that of himself or herself. If they do not retire, they will cause tremendous disadvantage also to the company where they work.

For the general public who is not computer engineer, computer may be monster or something, but no one can deny that almost all activities in modern society are impossible without computer. And I hear that, for the general public, computer is a product of miraculous modern science, and they feel that computer engineers are awful because they can use that computer very easily.

The percentage of computer industry, especially that of software industry, has drastically increased, and people who work there has got more voice in the society. Computer industry has already become one of the large industry. But the realities of this industry are terrible. Sometimes we can find troubles in newspaper, but they are only small pieces among much more troubles which are results of various problems in this industry. We can never know the essence, if we pay attention only to those troubles in newspaper.

More and more books of computer technology are published today, and we are often embarrassed when we choose those books. But to my regret, I can never find a book which exactly describes the realities and problems of programmers in this computer dependent society. It is taboo to mention those realities, so those who are in this industry can never do that. Even if that kind of books are published, they are commentators without any experiences on computer who write those books, and they just say what they likes in those books.

I am a computer engineer on the active list, and I currently continue to develop many programs. Because I have fortunately many friends who are excellent programmers, and have been working mainly for large enterprises, I have luckily or unluckily recognized too many hidden realities. Those hidden realities implies something more essential, so it is worth while studying those realities.

In this book, I will explain computer engineers and computer enterprises through the eyes of a computer engineer as the person concerned. I will show you stupid and shocking affairs which take place everyday in computer enterprises without any explanation of computer technology. If you have nothing to do with those affairs, they are like interesting vulgar news or Manzai (Japanese comedy usually played by two persons) or Rakugo(Japanese comedy played by one person), but once you know that similar affairs take place also in your enterprise, you must tremble with fear.

Many of you may think that I disclose inside of computer industry, but it is not my real intention. I would like you to know about computer industry as it is, and assess computer industry correctly. It is a matter of course that there is a lot of problems in computer industry, because it has only a short history. When all the people know about computer industry properly and when they are never tossed about by uncertain information, computer industry develops in the true sense. Corruption and problems should be come out into the open as soon as possible.

I would be very sorry for you, if this book let you have only fun or just fear. I put side by side important situations for management as real as possible. In many enterprises, billions of yen continue to be totally wasted. It is not because of failure of research or development. It is very often that it failed inevitably. And it is also often that those money were used to hide the failure. In this book, recognizing those circumstances, I added some of my opinions about how computer engineers, software outside order companies and the programmer dispatch companies should be.

It is true that this book make me get my own back, which I could not achieve for a long time, satisfies readers' curiosity which knows no bounds, gives subjects for conversation. But those are not all I wish. My intention is to let you know the realities of computer industry to the end. For that purpose, I have written many episodes which took place around me as accurate as possible. I may have written with too much accuracy, beyond the limit.

I am afraid that many people may be angry after reading this book, as this book is written according to the point above. I never intended to write against any individuals. So I did not write names of individuals and of private enterprises. I did not describe products too much, because that could let you notice the name of enterprise of the product. The contents in this book respect the truth. I did not write but the truth. It is only private names in the hide character that are not true in this book.

If there are someone who are unpleasant or injured after reading this book, I will take the responsibility upon myself. Because what I mean was not sufficiently understood, or I did not make enough efforts to be understood, or I am not capable of being understood.

You can read these stories considering as silly tales. But I wrote just the truth. There are people who criticize me for writing these stories, saying that I am childish or that I lack good sense. But I think writing these stories should be naturally permitted, and that is exactly the good sense. Only in such situation, there can exist high cultural level.

If you have bad feeling or are angry while reading this book, please write to me. I will be very happy if you think that I have a wrong idea, and let me know how you think about it.

July, 1995
Hirofumi Fujiwara

Copyright 1996, 1998 Hirofumi Fujiwara. Translated by A.K.
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the Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan Japanese