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1.2 Programming Clinic

The language for making program is called "Programming Language". There are many kinds of the programming language, just like human languages Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and so on. For example, COBOL and FORTRAN are one of famous programming language though they are classics now. COBOL is used to be used for the office work treatment and FORTRAN is for Technology calculation.

The language which is very much used now and which is equivalent to the modern word is called "C". There is a language called "C++" as one party of "C" , and as a language which evolved a little more than "C language". If one has not mastered these languages and can not use them as one pleases, it is said that one is not regarded as a capable programmer.

Because "C" is considered such a language, the amount of users has increased in this several years. The letter of "C" is conspicuous if you go to the computer corner of the bookstore. Anyone tries to use this language.

Of course there is a reason why the "C" may be popularized so widely. The benefit using "C" is its high efficiency and its wide applicable range.

But, naturally the convenience tools are also the dangerous tools. "C" is very suitable programming language for the programmers who understand the computer precisely. However, there is not so dangerous a language as "C" if it is used by the poor programmer. The error is easy to cause, and the computer system stops every time the error occurs.

When I was doing the class of the "C language", the class person complain that computer dose not work as his program .

I always responded as follows. "There is no such thing. The computer is working precisely as your program. Because your program is wrong, the computer works strange." Anyway the people who claim such a thing does not understand the computer well.

The sharp cutlery is useful for the difficult operation and becomes the tool which saves the irreplaceable life if it is used as a scalpel. At the same time, it becomes the important tool of the murder if is used as a dagger. The C language is the language which I never want poor programmer to use.

Because of "C"'s high efficiency and wide applicable range, there are many people who want to master this rising language. But the actual condition of them is terrible. When I thought so, the request of the magazine manuscript about the C language came from the publishing company. I decided to take on the request because I judged that this was a suitable opportunity.

And I wanted to make reader to know the practical program and to get intense impression. So the serial begin as the form of the comment addition to "the real program" that was made for business At that time, I could get some really poor program, but I inserted the collection of the "poor program" in the magazine because it would be serialized all the way.

Most of the explanations about programming on the books and magazine article treat very small example programs which are only for explanation, so only reading such explanations cannot help us to make practical programs in that their size and quality can be useful for practical business.

In short, almost book and magazine is useful as a guide, but not be useful for practical programming. The most articles about programming language on the books or the magazines can be useful for beginner, but can not be useful for practical programming.

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the Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan Japanese