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3.1 Are You Sure to be Neat Yourself?

It seems the world of a computer engineer is something but it is never distinct from the others. Dressed neatly with tie conscientiously will be expected even if you are one of computer engineers. Information clerks pull a sour face in case of odd-looking visitors coming in. Or supposing too unpleasant feelings rushes guards into examinations.

Anyway, at first of all, they examine whether you care about your appearance or not. They don't know the ability of computer engineers before setting them to work, so that they might bring up how you make an earnest impression on them as a white-collar worker. To be sure it is too difficult at first for nonprofessionals about computer engineers to tell who is better engineers than the others. So, that will make them have a good opinion of appearance dressed neatly or tied conscientiously. You will be branded as a person above their comprehension if you take it for granted, to tell the truth like a lot of my colleagues, that putting on T-shirt and jeans, far from not wearing a tie, is suitable for a place at everyday work.

I have an acquaintance with a woman computer engineer, around our workplace, who has technical commentary in serial form in the magazine appreciated as technical advanced one. Entering our company, after she finished the best of top-ranking postgraduate course, she says her parents gave her a piece of advice that is `Take care to be in finely dressed when coming in your workplace.' They might have looked forward to buy her suit for finding employment with pleasure. And yet, fortunately or unfortunately not such a company, she put on nothing special and appeared in her old clothes as if a student. We gave her a hearty welcome of course. As a matter of fact, her good work made us realized she was really one of ability. I was no match for her, respecting day after day.

Other companies sometimes send some computer engineers to join us. Whenever such affairs, they came office wearing finely at first. One programmer, for instance, from a large enterprise, put on worn-out jeans everyday since his second day, and I almost could not tell him from the very student himself. Such behavior always bothers them generally, but I do not mind at all.

Whoever dressed neatly like as respectable office-worker probably at Computer Shows is always not important technically regardless of holding executive position. Some of who turn up the Shows with shabbily clothed have tremendous knowledge at computers. But then hosts have earning firmly in mind from such a visitor finely dressed.

On the other hand, you should pay attention to those fellows put on T-shirt. They often come to have highly technical questions which sales staffs can not manage to make correct reply. Dealing with them irresponsibly or halfhearted make you suffer, because of their frequent channels of information through computer networks (e.g. internet).
"Say, that product is too defective to come in useful."
This sort of messages will spread all over the world wide network to say nothing of on Japan. They are commonly called hackers.

A hacker is a criminal. That is a common impression. The truth is a hacker does not mean "computer criminal" anywhere from the first. Just fond of computers terribly, and loving computers awfully.

Mass media is to blame for bringing hackers to criminals.

I am not sure at all that whatever tie and suit are worth judging which computer engineer is better or not. Although to see results of their work and then make a decision will be best way, computer engineers are screened for their tie and suit at first. That is a lowest manner and a duty if you work in the social community.

After all, you will not be worth as a computer engineer when you do not get recognition about tie and suits. The other way, tie and suits whose make a poor program or helpful for absence, assure us of worth more than T-shirt and jeans whose take an excellent work. It seems awfully mixed-up, but a lot of companies, which employ outsider, have only such a superficial understanding. These situations always make a fool ourselves in the U.S.

To begin with, in practice can you write a right program with tie on your neck? You must keep yourself cozy so that an idea struck you any time when you develop something. Stiff style leads you into a lot of mistakes, and programs are unintelligible.

You see, if a tie does bring me to a good programmer, I will also put on a couple of ties at a time. Supposed ties or suits write programs, it is the best way to arrange first-class suits for workers. They can prepare suits made to order by ``Eikoku-Ya(one of the highest-grade tailers in Japan)." But such a folly will make us so uncomfortable that programming is the last thing to do.

However, subjects by well-dressed person in a fine-looking reception room at a magnificent floor can make people accept anything as true. And with a great reliable, they purchase products by those companies or make requests. No judgement whether or not such companies are available. It is a matter of regret that they do not still yet learn a lesson from affair of Toyota Shoji(Toyota Trading Corporation).

Copyright 1996, 1998 Hirofumi Fujiwara. Translated by S.S.
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the Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan Japanese