the Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan Japanese

5.3 Internet and Company Selection

There's no use in being excited "Internet", "Internet." It is nothing more than links of computers in each organization.

Computers and communications make Internet.

Computer engineer really ought to be the first person of using those benefits.

Nowadays, communications and Internet have a great influence on designs of computer systems. We have came together to write programs so far. But now, you are in the stage that you can work in cooperation at another place. People say a satellite office as the same. Computer engineers may not belong to same office. It allows some companies join works.

A join work at separated places requires you frequent exchange of information. You may send at their absence, see on your demand, and answer to your favorite. Such computer environment is now coming to real. Internet is one instance of them.

It is an advantage of communications that you are connected with a great number of people and can use stupendous information if you put your mind on it. You run up against all sorts of problems as making programs. Even though it may be first matter for an individual or a small group, there may be people with same troubles in Japan generally or all over the world. Still more, some hackers tell you what to do.

Besides using computers with communications, you should use computer networks on your usual work of computer development. Such use of computer networks and join in networks outside office bring you good quality and large quantity of information.

Many people may read books written about Internet. But, the world of Internet is changeable. Things change fast even during writing a book. Do not surprise by rapid changes of price or performance of personal computers. Internet changes prompter than that. God knows what will be happened in the world.

If anyone can use computer communications, besides Internet also PC communications, you can send messages in your personal capacity. And that, it is high adaptation, and also you can speak your personal opinion directly without any inspection. For the time being, when you want to inform anything to the general public, your only way is through one of mass media. But now, if you put your mind on it, you can dispatch your message directly to the public individually.

This is very useful, and also helpful for development of democracy. Their bribe mass media have made themselves to evade the public somehow or other, but now such unfair is not allowed. You may put a lot of information in order and publish it at your anger. In such case, everybody even if a large enterprise is quite helpless.

"Den-noh Mandara" by Shozaburo Nakamura (reference 2) is one of those examples. A maker picked a fight with that serial on a magazine, broke off business connections, and managed to seal up, but an author published the truth on the PC network. This affair teaches us in various meaning, and leads us progress of this ultraclosed Japanese computer society as a result. If you put pressure on someone to write, you should be stroke back. By now democracy has not helped us to take measures to publish. But now it is an event of great meanings that computer communication give us an opportunity to publish our opinions of each individual not to speak in Japan even in the world.

Another importance of Internet is that networks between companies expose power levels of such companies to the public eye. Although a lot of companies make much of Internet, their incompetence brings shame on them. Only a few, not many, real excellence seizes a golden chance, but the others will be not selected to fall off.

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the Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan Japanese