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Title Origami in English
AutherYamaguchi Makoto
TranslationLucinda Otsuka
ImprintKodansha International Ltd., Japan
Descript116mm x 119mm, 159 p.

This is a translation printed side by side with the original(Japanese).

This is a very compact book. You can learn how to fold origami from the basic folding techniques(Valley Fold, Mountain Fold, ...) to some famous clasic origamis(Crane, Ballon, Jumping Frog and etc).

You can find many figures, and each figure has English and Japanese explanations.

This book is published from one of the most big publishers in Japan, and this books is included in Kodansha's "Bilingual Books" series. So, you can get this copy almost anywhere in Japan at big bookstores.

If you have a Japanese friend, tell him or her to get this copy and set it.

origami | Origami Books